1966, Bilbao, Spain
PhD Architect, partner in ACXT/IDOM
Associate professor in the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, Spain 
About photography:
I am looking for unique spaces since 2011, trying to relate architecture and photography.
I really don`t like shooting finished architecture, but I enjoy looking for some special emotions in useless buildings
or buildings under construction, while some await its unavoidable end and the other its rapid transformation.
Some books: 
-Historia de un sueño, ed. IDOM, 1997 (the story of a dream) about the Guggenheim Bilbao
 museum construction
-Catedrales Olvidadas. La red nacional de silos en España (1949-1990), ed. T6 y Gobierno 
de España, 2009 (Forgotten Cathedrals. The national net of silos in Spain (1949-1990)) about 
the architectural powerful of the silos in Spain
-The invisible city, ed. Blurb, 2014, about a trip to Prypiat, Ukrania in september 2013


-Bilbao Art District, Arbe, collective, may 2013
-Icaza showroom, Bilbao, individual, set-dec 2013
-Heist Photography Collective, imaginary spaces individual, London, jun 2014-
-Bilbao Argazkiak 2014, imaginary spaces individual, Bilbao, oct 2014
-Antoni Pinyol Gallery, imaginary spaces individual, Reus, dec 2014
-Official College of Architects of Tarragona, imaginary spaces individual, Tarragona, ene 2015
Others publications
-web page HEIST Photography Collective,

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